Stuck or seized seatpost?, we specialise in providing a professional seatpost removal service from bike frames. An integral part of your bikes components, the seatpost often sits there happily doing it’s job just just as it should. It’s not until you come to higher, lower it or even remove it only to find it’s stuck solid within your frame, it’s at that point you need to give us a call, sticking it in a vice and twisting it can damage your frame and almost certainly ruin you post.

If you have a stuck dropper seatpost, or any other type for that matter we will remove it, no frame damage and often with no post damage so you can re-use it with the exception of a carbon post, these are nearly always lost.  Lost post replacements offered at discounted rates.

You can post your bike or frame to us or bring it in personally, book a slot and send us some photos of your stuck post.